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USA Investment Visa (American EB-5) – 2020 UPDATED 2020-05-20T14:57:37+00:00

USA Investor Visa (American EB5) – 2020 UPDATED

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Considering US immigration by investment from South Africa? The US Investment Visa Program, also known as the American EB-5 Visa, has been undergoing significant changes and its future may not be as bright under the current administration. So if you’re serious about making the move to the USA, now is the time to take decisive action.

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Benefits of the USA Investment Visa

EASY US RESIDENCY: The advantages of establishing residency in the United States are compelling. Whether your considerations are lifestyle, business or investment, the USA offers a myriad of benefits and opportunities. The EB5 Investment Program is highly sought after among foreign investors, to the point that the number of investment visas issued per year has been capped at 10,000.

HIGH-POTENTIAL INVESTMENT: Investment visa applicants have the option to invest in a range of high potential assets, however most South African investors are opting to invest in government approved Regional Center projects – typically hotels, commercial or residential developments. EB-5 investments do carry the expected level of risk, however they also serve as an effective hedge against Rand devaluation, being dollar denominated. 

A SOLID PLAN B: It’s called the American Dream for a reason – US citizens enjoy one of the highest living standards in the world. Culturally diverse, economically dominant and geo-politically secure, the United States is an excellent place for building a new life. The country celebrates the innovators and entrepreneurially minded; opportunities for building prosperity abound.

WORLD CLASS EDUCATION: The United States’ top tier universities and colleges are rated amongst the top tertiary institutions in the world, and the network students build during their studies can form a key asset for building a career or entrepreneurial business. Gaining US residency by investment strengthens your child’s odds of being accepted into the US’s most exclusive learning institutions, and also ensures that fee structures are in line with that of US nationals. (Fee structures for foreign students can be significantly higher.)

OPENING DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY: An EB-5 investment residency can dramatically increase career mobility and advancement. In addition to easing access to top-flight tertiary institutions, EB-5 residency status can also aid your child in gaining access to career opportunities upon graduation, without the need to go through the cumbersome application process for either the H-1B or L1 visa classes.

LEAVE A GLOBAL LEGACY: US residency is the ultimate inheritance. The EB-5 programme enables you to give your children the opportunity to flourish in a prosperous first world country.

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Your time to apply for a US investment visa at the current investment requirement at only $500,000 has unfortunately passed. The minimum investment amount increased to $900,000 as of November 2019 making the E-2 Visa, via Grenada Citizenship, more appealing to many applicants. What’s more, taking this route, you can obtain second citizenship in Grenada and obtain the ability to relocate to the USA with your family in only 6 months – all in.

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Given the EB-5 Program’s price increase, the E-2 Visa Program offers a lot of value, coming in at as little as 30% of the EB-5’s investment pricing. Yet US immigration laws are changing all the time, and the trend is that it is increasingly harder to obtain a US investment green card and move to the USA. Don’t delay, get in touch today to get started exploring your options…

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