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EB5 Regional Centers Overview – 2020

Looking to gain an EB5 Investment Visa? Find out more about the EB5 Regional Center Program and discover how you can gain US residency by means of investment – without having to start a new business venture in the USA. US Immigration needn’t be daunting – with EB5 Investment Visas, US residency is within your reach, with eligible Regional Center investments starting from only $900,000. Find out more about your options below, or contact us now for a free consultation.

Origins of the EB5 Regional Center Program

The USA Appropriations Act of 1993 amended the US EB5 Program to make provision for the creation of the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program, enabling non-US passport holders to invest in economic units called Regional Centres. Also referred to as Economic Units, the Regional Centers were created to facilitate economic growth through export sales, job creation, regional productivity and increased domestic capital investment.

The EB5 Regional Center Pilot Programme was enacted during the same year, allowing foreign investors to pool their resources and invest in larger projects managed by government authorised regional centres, with indirect jobs created being established as a valid basis upon which US residency rights are obtained. This investor visa class became known as the EB5 Visa, and is also commonly referred to as the US Investor Green Card.

A number of prominent EB5 Regional Centers have been actively promoting their services in South Africa in recent years, including the likes of CMB, Christian Tyler Properties and Pathways.

EB5 Regional Centers are typically for-profit, private entities serving as intermediaries that facilitate EB5 investments, often in hotels as well as commercial and residential property developments.

Benefits and job creation requirements

A key benefit of EB5 Regional Centre investments is the fact that they’re passive investments, i.e. the investor is not required to be actively involved in the management of their investment, as would be the case with a direct EB5 investment.

It is important to to note, however, that the EB5 Investor Programme requires that the investor’s capital remains at risk until their I-829 is approved and full lawful permanent residency is obtained.

Jobs created within Regional Centre investments count towards the programme’s requisite job creation threshold of 10 full time positions for US residents, which is a key requirement for foreign investors to gain US residency. A formula is utilised to calculate the indirect job creation impact of indirect investment, making a Regional Centre EB5 investment ideally suited for capital investors who do not wish to establish a new or existing US business.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, for short, is an agency of the US Department of Homeland Security. USCIS maintains a list of several thousand approved EB5 Regional Centres, from which foreign investors can choose via which to make an eligible investment. It is, however, important to note that USCIS does not necessarily guarantee or endorse any of these Regional Centres, making thorough due diligence by the prospective EB5 investor essential.

A closing window of opportunity in 2019

While the initial EB5 Regional Centre Programme was enacted for a period of only 5 years, it has been regularly re-enacted since. Yet while the programme looks set to continue, the minimum investment requirements have now been raised to $900,000 and $1.8 million, respectively (adjusted for inflation).

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