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American Dream Immigration: What you can expect in 2020

Immigrating to the USA means embracing new cultures and changes. Here’s a quick primer on what you can expect when emigrating to the USA from South Africa in 2020:

Change: Immigration to the USA or any other country tends to be a significant event for any family – and especially for couples with young children. A certain degree of disruption and adaptation challenges are to be expected, however for many people a move to the US comes brimming with opportunities.

Greater security, more opportunity: Many of our clients apply for the US Investment Green Card as a way securing a Plan B for their families, and more frequently, to support their children’s tertiary studies at US universities.

A $500,000 price tag (still!): For those who move quickly in 2020, there are still a handful of $500,000 investment opportunities left in Florida. But given the fact that a minimum investment requirement increase to $900,000 was announced on 21 November 2020, you’re presently on borrowed time until the new requirements start being implemented.

So if you’re ready to make the move, then don’t hesitate – our seasoned EB5 consultants are standing by to help you compile and submit your $500k EB5 application in record time.

No matter what your reason for chasing the American Dream is, our expert consultants can also help you identify the Regional Center project and location that would best suit your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: US Immigration and green card requirements are getting more stringent, especially for African nationals (and even for immigrant investors!) so now is the time to take action and avoid missing out.

EB5 South Africa. Helping you own the American Dream in 2020 and beyond.